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What We Do

By addressing trauma within the community due to several factors including mental illness, abuse, human trafficking, gun violence, lack of education, limited parenting skills & resources, and high rates of incarceration, DreamUpMKE is strategically implementing programming to fit the needs of the community.


Our programs and initiatives are developed to address social and economic disparities and promote community wellness through resources, information, and education to gain hope, reduce trauma, and create better outcomes for families.

Please note that the Community Wellness Mobile and Mentoring programs will soon be available. Donations for both programs are currently being accepted.

Happy Family

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” – Helen Keller

Childhood Education Program

DreamUpMKE’s Childhood Education Program provides programming to youth starting at 16 years of age desiring to enter the childcare profession with childcare classes. The classes will include all components necessary for Wisconsin’s childcare registry. Participants are either current high school students, high school graduates, or have received their General Educational Development (GED). Successful completion of the program will allow candidates to become part of the Wisconsin Registry for childcare.


Participants will engage in on-site mentoring. If desired, participants will be assigned a mentor to support them on their journey to becoming childcare center business owners.

Blood pressure.png
Blood pressure.png

Community Wellness Mobile

DreamUpMKE’s approach to community wellness through our wellness mobile directly provides evidence-based information and resources to build a better community. Our objective is to counteract the misinformation and stigma of mental health in Milwaukee, specifically in the low economic areas of the city, educate on wellness, and educate the community about trauma-induced crises.

The mobile will be located in areas of high resident travel including grocery stores, churches, and neighborhood events.

Our wellness mobile is equipped and staffed to:

  • Conduct blood pressure checks

  • Illustrate CPR and life-saving techniques

  • Disseminate facts and resources for COVID-19 testing and vaccines

  • Wellness checks & follow-up with community residents

  • Collect demographic information for future programs/funding to better serve the community

  • Communicate with residents about health concerns, wellness, and mental health by disseminating brochures and offering resources. 

Youth Mentoring Program

The Youth Mentoring program will provide a mentor to young men in the Milwaukee community, specifically young men of color. Our program is based on 10 important areas of success for young men:

  • Finance 

  • Family

  • Education

  • Parenting

  • Employment

  • Health 

  • Mental health

  • Nutrition 

  • Business education and opportunities

  • Relationship building

Young men in the program are 8 to 18 years old.


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